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Artikelnummer 80100
Merk Castrol
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Castrol  Hyspin AWH-M
High viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oils

The Castrol HyspinTM  AWH-M hydraulic oil range of shear stable high viscosity index lubricants are based on the latest stabilised zinc additive technology.

Hyspin AWH-M contains a shear stable additive system which helps maintain the viscosity characteristics of the product over a wide temperature range even during prolonged use and imparts a very low pour point which enables the product to be used in very cold environments. It exhibits excellent corrosion and wear protection as well as outstanding thermal and oxidative stability. In addition, Hyspin AWH-M has excellent hydrolytic stability and separates rapidly from water contamination upon standing.


• High viscosity index and low pour point enables the product to be used over a wide temperature range, with good shear stability which means no excessive loss in viscosity due to mechanical shearing.

• Excellent anti-wear performance provides extended wear protection for hydraulic pumps. Reduced down time due to unscheduled maintenance and savings from replacement part costs.

• Excellent water separation and hydrolytic stability means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life and increased equipment reliability.

• Good filterability gives a cleaner system with less frequent filter changes.

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